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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/2/2016

Demotion of DaemonTheDemon and Königin der Schatten

Proposing removal of b-crat and all sysop privileges for users DaemonTheDemon and Königin der Schatten under the premise of inactivity and indefinite absence.
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• 1/17/2016

Proposal: Replacing Heaven and Hell

I believe that Heaven and Hell no longer fit the moralities of RP Fear. In a Role-Play where the main fear comes from the inevitability of death and the idea that the universe is uncaring, having a Heaven/Hell dichotomy is rather unfitting.
Therefore, I have a proposal that I refer to as the Simulation. The name, of course, is pending, but it is related to the fears, and it's an extension one Fear in particular The Archangel, which I feel would be much more fitting to the Role-play's themes. 
The Simulation is a form of the Archangel from the main Fear Universe. In the Fear Universe, the Archangel was the Afterlife. The only way to escape being part of the Archangel was to be killed by another Fear directly. 
Therefore, I believe that we should take this concept. If a character dies by the hand of anything other than a Fear in a physical form (in which case you simply cease to exist), they become part of Archangel's Simulation. This Simulation is a horrible existence where all men and women, good or evil, go. This means it fits the "uncaring" theme of the universe we are attempting to create, as it would make your character's actions utterly meaningless. They could be a drug-addled cannibal baby-killer, or Jesus himself, and they would go to the same afterlife. 
What happens in the Simulation? 
You are aware you are dead, but the first sensation you have is of being pushed. You are wet and cold. You have been reborn into one of the countless "Spaces" within the Simulation. There, you live your life. You live every life you could have, always born of the same parents, at the same time. Thus, you live your life, knowing it is a false life, constantly reminded it is a false life. People have no irises, they speak in a monotone. You life your entire life, every possible way your life could have gone. Your actions are not your own. You are trapped, living a false life. Eventually, you die. You think that it's over, you can find peace. 
But you feel a pushing. You are cold and wet. The Simulation has you, and it will always have you. You live a thousand billion lives, every single way your life could have gone and every way it could have ended, every variation on your life that could have changed it. So, forever. You remember every past life, and eventually, you start to forget yourself. Your previous life is gone, replaced with one of this countless lives you lived. This happens, ad infinitum until you have lived every possible variation of you life. Then, you cease to be. 
This could very easily replace Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Reapers would vanish, perhaps, but Demons and Angels could become vagabonds of the world, Shattered Beings. Or, they could combine with each other, or do countless things. They may not have to change at all, actually, still having their war, however, they would simply not reside in Heaven or Hell. Their war would occur in the invisible folds of reality humanity cannot see. 
Again, I feel this proposal could easily replace Heaven and Hell, and could fit the theme of the Role-Play well, given the uncaring nature of the new universe and strange, perhaps absent, morality.
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• 11/27/2015

Proposal for Kinetic Powers/Proposal for Magic

Proposal for Kinetic Powers:
I think we should have Kinetic Powers be more like in Stephen King's works such as Firestarter and Carrie. Vaguely supernatural, difficult to control, causes just as much if not more harm to the user than bennefits. Basically, psychic powers done how they usually are in a horror setting. You know, because at it's core, this is technically a cosmic/gothic horror inspired RP.

Proposal for Magic:
Following up on that, Magic should be more Occult and Lovecraftian in nature. More Aliester Crowley, less Merlin Ambrose the Tree Wizard (still pushing that joke).
Magic should be rituals and rites, tampering with forces beyond our understanding. Benneficial in low ammounts, but the more you try to achive, the more liekly you are to screw up. 
It should also be vague about weather or not it's actually real. I'd suggest reading Magic is Afoot by Alliterator for an example of how magic should actually be like.
So yeah.
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• 11/16/2015

Running for Adminship.

I will be the first to admit, I am a very self-depreciating person. So, that being said, don't be suprised if I can't even come up with an argument for why I sould be an admin. 
So, I'll just make a pros and cons thing.

Really cares about and is invested in this wiki.
Is willing to listen to ideas of the community.
Thinks about things rationally about 85% of the time.
Won't let emmotions or personal bias affect decisions.
Has never abused and OP character.
Won't be the only admin, 'cause that would be hell.

Is kind of an idiot.
Has terrible spelling and grammar.
Tends to do stupid things on impulse the other 15% of the time.
Still has made an OP character before.
Hasn't actually ever run a plot.
Can't think fo a better con to balance out the pros and cons.
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• 11/13/2015

Applying for Adminship

With Fobarimperius making a very sudden departure from this wiki, I have decided to apply for Adminship. I have clocked in the most edits of any user, and have been on this wiki more often and for longer than most users currently active.
I believe that I would be good as Admin, and already have several ideas to improve the Wiki, such as the re-booting and mataining the "Story Thus Far" page, which would record each major event in an Arc in detail, to aid users, new and old, in getting familiar with the current events of the Role-Play after joining, or in the case an old user must take a break. 
Thus, I would like to apply for being an Admin of this wiki.
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• 10/25/2015

Proposed Rule Change: Permissions for characters

Due to recent discussion between me, Rogue, and 13, on the chat, I have decided to propose the following change to how we RP here. 
All characters must be approved by the creator of the concept/faction the charater belongs to. This would mean that for an character to be an Elemental or a Changeling, they must come to me. For a Black Eden character, they go to 13, for Angels, Demons, Vampires, and Werewolves, they would go to Rogue, and for characters in the Principle or the Researchers, they go to Fobar.
All pages would likely have some indication of who to go to for approval, and if a character is not approved, yet played anyways, then an approprite consequence would be decided by the moderators and Admins, based on how unbalanced the character is. 
This rule is related to the Breaking the Mythos rule. Perhaps it could be listed as a subsection?
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• 8/10/2015

JavaScript is broken

Hello everyone. Recently, after editing a page, I noticed the YouTube javascript we use to give some music to some pages has apparently stopped working.
Research into this problem revealed the issue is actually that a troll apparently managed to hack directly into Wikia's datacenter and proceeded to wreak havoc on the entire system, compromising tons of usernames and other information.
As a result, the Javascript is offline until further notice by Staff. If you edit a page and get weird text showing a broken extension for the YouTube extension, that's what happened.
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• 7/29/2015

Proposal: Cleaning up the Admin List

Hello, All! Friendly neighborhood Lemontree over here! 
I have a proposal to make: The Admin list is currently filled with people who are no longer present on this wiki, and at the current time, seem to have no plans to return under their current accounts. Therefore, I propose that we remove the following users from their current office, be it Administrator or Chat Moderator: 
Slender Seer (Chat Mod)
DaemonTheDemon (Administrator)
Kiba (Administrator)
None of these users have been active, and it seems that none of them will return for some time. There is no reason they they should hold power, and thus, I propose that they are removed from office. 

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• 6/11/2015

Abilities and Powers: How to do it properly and how to totally mess it up

A list of both good and bad examples of what we expect and don't for powers or abilities. Feel free to post good examples or further bad examples for future individuals to see. The Bad ExamplesBad Example
Ice Master: {CHARACTER} has the ability to create ice from anything and out of thin air, even freezing time itself.Why is it bad?
Firstly, ice doesn't work that way. Time is a theoretical construct and not a physical thing subject to temperature. Furthermore, even if one were to try and freeze all the water in the air, they'd need to seriously condense the oxygen in the air to obtain enough water, which wouldn't be easy. Doable sure, but we need an explanation other than "create ice from anything"Bad Example
Weapon Master: {CHARACTER} can wield virtually any weapon thanks to magic/cyber-implants/being a geniusWhy is it bad?
Nobody can be so much of a "Genius" that an individual can just know how to wield a bunch of weapons that have never graced their hands. Wielding a sword is different from using it in combat, and learning to compensate for weapon weight, understanding its reach, blocking blows, and facing another person with a sword is something learned through experience, not just because you're some special genius. Furthermore, using magic or electronic/cyborg implants is just a cop-out to explain how a character can wield something they couldn't possibly understand. Knowing how to wield a weapon through practice and experience is pretty much the 'only' acceptable explanation.Bad Example
God Mode/Ultimate FormWhy is it bad
So in order for you to validate your character you need them to rival God/gods? Your character should be able to survive because they're good, not because they manage to turn into a god. The best character is a skilled human character, not some ultimate ego-stroking piece of s*** who's power essentially justifies their actions like a spoiled corporate executive.Bad Example
Magical Genius allows {CHARACTER} to learn and utilize any spell they are hit withWhy is it bad
While they may work for a villain, it turns your main character into a walking arsenal of unfair. They can learn spells or magical elements that require years, or maybe even decades, of another character's life to master? Shutup and go home.Bad Example
Ultimate Skill: Life Suck: {CHARACTER} unleashes a blast that vaporizes his opponent and absorbs their life Why is it bad?
Why does your character need an "Ultimate Skill" that is basically the equivalent of an atom bomb going off? How about you just make a character without this BS end-all skill and just hope for the best in a realistic situation?Bad Example
Blood Blade: The character pulls blood out of their body and it creates a blade they use to attackWhy is it bad?The general estimation of blood in the human body is around 5.5 liters, and some indicate losing a liter would render a human unconscious, and losing a little over 2 would result in potential death. Basically, losing a 2 liter thing of Pepsi is all it would take to kill a person, and you expect to make a sword or weapon out of it? Good luck using it when you're so dizzy from shock you're barely standing.
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• 5/24/2015

Could I rewrite Black Eden and The Manufactured Newborn

I  have this idea that I've mentioned in the comments of Black Eden being built around The Manufactured Newborn, sort of like a strange symbiotic relationship with Black Eden using the Newborn to advance humanity, and the Newborn using Black Eden to help it expand and assimilate.
Basically, it'd give Black Eden a defined goal and agenda, it'd create interesting plot points and conflict, and would also keep them working from the shadows and subtly rather than overtly, because, lets face it, it wouldn't go over so well for them if it became public that A) supernatural beings exist, and B) they were using them.
Not to mention giving them a rival in The Panopticon.
So how 'bout it?
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• 4/23/2015

A proposal of a possible plan for preternatural power

Hello all!
I have an idea to put forwards for the revamp, in terms of general themes and guidelines for the wiki. I think that as we’re making the Fears less tangible and subtler, and the players vastly less powerful as well, I think we should take steps to make the ‘feel’ of the wiki less overtly supernatural.

What I mean by this is that the general atmosphere of the more preternatural aspects of the wiki was at times more medieval fantastic or superhero than horror story. Fireballs were common, transformation into anime-inspired animals was banal, and hair and eye colors were more like a sci-fi convention than anything else. I’m not pointing the finger at anyone in particular (my main character was a fireball-slinging red-haired heterochromatic, so how could I) but I think this needs to change for the revamping of the wiki.

While all of the above are perfectly suited to a fantasy or sci-fi oriented RP, I think the feel we want here is more realistic, as well as subtler, and this would apply both to Fear servants and human players. Fireballs could be replaced by the ability to cause things to smoulder with a touch, for example, but the flames would have to develop like normal ones rather than be an instant firestorm. Transformation into animals could be possible, but would take minutes rather than seconds, be excruciatingly painful, and wouldn’t change the shape of or negate the existence of clothes. Elemental powers should be replaced with ones oriented more towards human nature, either corporal or psychological. Hair and eye colors should be dulled, and aesthetic aspects to characters that do not have some sort of justification negated (if everyone goes around hiding their face behind a mask without much of a reason, things could get awkward). Of course, there are exceptions. If your character is a mass-murderer, masks are very much advised. If you’ve been possessed by a servant of the Red Cap, red irises are excusable.
I think that ultimately a lack of credibility was part of what damaged the old RP. If the stakes are incredibly high for everything, then nothing is really grabbing. If everyone is odd, then no one stands out. If you save the world every other week, then the world is nothing special. I think this idea could take steps to rectify the problem, but seeing as it’s a fairly big change I wanted to put it up for debate first. As a show of good faith I’ve taken away Draeven’s teleportation and pyromancy, limited his illusion power to one person at a time and requiring complete focus and unbroken eye contact, and changed his eye colour to green.
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• 4/6/2015

Death and the Reapers

So, I've had an idea to change Death and his Reapers to keep them in Fear - but so has Rogue. Fobar said to have a public vote via the forums, so here goes for mine:
Turn Death into a cult leader, the cult being full of "Reapers". Death would be extremely lethal and a mercenary of sorts, though sort of worshipped as a "prophet" for the actual Death. I actually made a moldable character of him recently - whom I intend to keep, as I need to try new characters, and he could be more villainous than any others of mine, though I can change him to whatever side is decided.
Rogue should be posting his pitch for Death and the Reapers, next. Then you guys decide which idea we should go with.
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• 3/3/2015

Phobiums: Community Choice

Heyo guys! Here's the thing: If we keep Fears, then we gotta choose if we are going to keep Phobiums or not, and we're obviously going to keep Fears, just look at our URL. So, there are three things we can do with Phobiums, in my mind, that make sense. Two involve keeping the Phobiums, and the final one involves removing them entirely. 
So, we can keep Phobiums as they are: The Spawn between a Human and a Fear getting freaky and producing kids. They would still be incredibly powerful, they would still be forced to consume souls to survive, and they would be unable to lead a "normal" human life. That page can be read here: Phobiums
Or, we can adopt the idea that me and Crow developed on the Path of Dread Wiki. Phobiums over there are as such: A Fear stops trying to pursue a Runner, and breaks off the "mental connection" between the two that allow the Fear to know where the Runner is, and produce their trademark effects (e.g: The Rake's Whispering or the Slender Man's Slender Sickness). The human, now a Phobium, would have a positive effect, a deteriment, and the ability to sense when the Fear is nearby. The page can be read here: Phobiums. Obviously, we would not copy the idea word-for-word, but take the basic concept and adapt it to this Wiki, which has many, many, more Fears and a much larger mythos.
Or, we can simply remove Phobiums altogether, and have everyone be a normal human or whatever other permitted races there are. 

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})What should be done with Phobiums?  Leave them as they are 1 Adapt Path of Dread's Interpretation 5 Remove them 1 The poll was created at 02:01 on March 3, 2015, and so far 7 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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• 3/2/2015

Angels and Demons: A Community Decision.

Hello everyone, Shadow here. For anyone that isn't familiar with me, I'm the admin in charge of the Angelic and Demonic aspects of the roleplay. With the wiki currently under revision, it is up in the air as to whether or not Angels and Demons will remain part of RP Fear. I've brought up the matter, and after a short discussion in the chat, I've decided to type this up. Essentially, you the players will decide on if they stay. For anyone who wishes to review the pages to make an informed decision, here is the page for Angels, and here is the page for Demons, as well as the Nephilim page, though it is currently under revision. You may also review the Heaven and Hell pages, though the Heaven page also requires revision.
If the Angels and Demons were to remain in the RP, they will take a less active role in the game, returning to the original design I had for them. Angels and Demons will not pay much attention to humanity's struggle against the Fears, instead returning focus to combating each other. With that said, there will be splinter groups from both sides that choose to get involved, and for players that earn it, they may receive the chance to create an Angel or Demon of their own. Keep in mind that Angels and Demons are by no means unbeatable. They are greatly outmatched by the Fears in terms of power, and while formidable foes, they can still be killed by humans, though it would require a good sized group working together. To sum it all up, they will be returning to a support role in regards to plots and roleplaying experience, but they would maintain the potential to add interesting dynamic to situations, and offer unique side-plots that give a broader perspective to the afterlife side of the roleplay.
With all of that explained, I leave the voting to you all. Once people start voting, I'll add a counter to keep track of it. Thank you for taking the time to read all this, and have a good day.
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• 2/26/2015

Suggestion for Events and Locations of the Old Universe

I think that in the Old Mythos, there are too many things that would need explaining about people's characters if we simply got rid of all of the information and pretended it didn't happen. We would also lose a very large part of the history of this wiki.
Therefore, I propose the making of a category entitled "The Old Universe," or something similar, in which we put all pages related to the Wars of the old universe, locations like the Praesidium of the Cosmos, and etc, and make it clear that they no longer effect the current mythos, nor will ever.
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• 2/23/2015


Given the pages that have been marked for both rewrite and deletion, I was wondering when the reformations will start. If the admins allow, I would like to be able to try my hand at rewriting a few of the pages, just to kick things off.
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• 1/9/2015


So, I'd like to do a few reforms to the whole concept of Phobiums. First off, remove any kind of sense of there being "different" kinds of Phobiums. For the sake of RP, there doesn't need to be. Phobiums could be the result of Fears and Humans mating, though I have the feeling it'd be an unwelcome idea to outright say how these matings would likely come about. 
However, I think that Phobiums should also age normally, and perhaps no longer be immortal or unaging. However, this would have very little effect on the main role-play, as last I checked, we span only three or four years, not hundreds. 
Also, Phobiums should not know they have Fear parents, and when they find out, it would be a horrible realization. Insanity-causing, for some, and a source of constant hate for others. Think about it: Your father, whom you never knew, was actually a source of eternal misery for all the human race. That'd be pretty bad to hear.
They should have some kinetic powers, but not too many, at most, 3, and they'd not have much skill in any of them, unless they only focused on one. 
And finally, just get rid of Phobiums "glowing." The picture's caption just says they have an unnatural glow. That's just dumb, in my opinion. There are other ways to show if something is strange. Like Lovecraft had almost all animals despise anything related to Cthulhu or other entities, including the citizens of Innsmouth. Perhaps the same can apply here.
Anyone agree or disagree?
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• 1/7/2015

Suggestion concerning a crossover

So, magical portals are nothing new to this world. So, I have an idea. Why not have a portal between the world of RP Fear and Secret RP? So characters could have materials, share information, and meet beings from both worlds. So, a character here could have a small item of Darkglass, or a Wizard of Secret RP could conduct experiments on a bottle of Azoth.
Obviously, I don't think this could happen on a regular basis, so perhaps it would be a spell that is both complex to learn and difficult to preform. However, if talk of Crossovers is already occurring, why not just bind the two worlds together entirely?
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• 1/5/2015

Thoughts on the new theme?

I was thinking shattered glass with greyscale could be a good theme for the wiki, so I've tried to implement the idea. There's a shattered mirror attempt as well, but it's not as good, I think. Thoughts on the new theme?
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