"Advance the human race. No matter the cost."

Black Eden

The symbol of Black Eden.

Black Eden is a mysterious secret society, made up of intelligent individuals dedicated to the advancement and protection of the human race as a whole.

The society has existed in some form or another since the Renaissance era, and was founded by a group of philosophers, artisians, and scientists who opposed the church, and believed that human society was stagnated and failing. The society has grown from these humble origins to be one of the top 6 most influential secret societies in the world.

Asside from this knowlege, which is only known to a small few individuals, not much else is actually known about the group. It's somewhat plausable that one in every one hundred scientists or political reformists may be a member of one of Black Eden's many branches.

The society's name stems from the idea that the founders wanted to create a better world for everyone, thus figuratively creating a new "Eden". The "Black" part referred to how they worked from the shadows, and would figuratively eclipse the church and any other stagnating force.

Speaking of which, the majority of the members of Black Eden despise members of The Compass Organization, believing the Compass Organizaton places way too much faith logic and reason, instead of the betterment of mankind.

In adition, due to Black Eden being a secret society, there are many many individual branches across the globe. It is less a centalised organisation, and more a loose collective of people working towards the advancement of mankind.