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The Pristine

And I Must Scream - How the Fear kills its victims

The Chessmaster - Total control over its servants

Slender Man

Humanoid Abomination - Tall, up to ten feet or more, with a blank orb of flesh for a face, tendrils sprouting from its back

Primal Fear - Represents one of the most basic Fears of humanity

Factionless/General characters

The Carmines

Mizuki Carmine 

  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Chromokinetic powers give her a plethora of exotic hair colours. And she uses them all
  • All Take and No Give : She commands utter control over those she's involved with, treating them like objects for pleasure, and is a master at manipulation in such relationships


Sam Armstrong

Scarlet Crowley

Judas Weiss

Lucy Damian 

  • Morality Pet Seems to be this for Judas. How effective she actually is at this role is another matter entirely.
  • Important Haircut As part of her backstory. Apperently she used to look simmilar to Zoe, with long blonde hair. Around the time Judas showed up, Lucy cut her hair short and dyed it black.
  • Kill The Cutie Yup.


Joe Belmont, a.k.a. "The Masked Rider"

The Blank

In General:

Alison Cerice

Zoe Biannchi


  • Camp Unsafe isn't Safe Anymore: The Clearing was never a safe place to start with, but nobody has seemingly figured out it isn't safe to stay around.
  • God and Satan are Both Jerks.
  • One Mario Limit: The RP tends to focus on one character getting a particular name unless they've been retired. Part of the reason why most names are so unusual.
    • In the rare instance two characters share a name, they will usually at least have unique spellings.
  • The Stars are Going Out: The effect of The Shattering as it travels across the universe, except vibrant orange is left behind instead of pure darkness.