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The chain worn by the witches of Hesperides to identify their order.

Hesperides is a coven of Witches originally from Northern France. With a rich history steeped primarily in the pursuit of immortality (which is the source of the coven's name and reputation), Hesperides has a considerable network of extended benefactors, members, and spell-slaves that keeps the coven both financially provided for and politically relevant.

Currently lead by the witch-queen Angélique Nerise, Hesperides has moved it's main base of operations to Damascus in recent years as a way of keeping a finger on the pulse of the paranormal.

Hesperides provide various services for the supernatural community, the most notable of which is keeping it a secret -the network of spells and rituals they unfold over parts of the city keenly affected by or plunged into the influence of the Fears is what prevents wider panic.

Hesperides has taken residence in an old domain on the outskirts of Damascus, refurbishing the old manor into a surprisingly modern base of operations. Opening their doors to those of the supernatural community that seek haven or protection, whatever motives they have for their suddenly invasive presence in the city are hidden behind the veneer of charity and altruism.