Project NEWBORN is the name given to all experiments concerning a mysterious artifact recovered by the United

The only existing photograph of THE NEWBORN, taken shortly after recovery for documentation.

States Department of Paranormal Affairs.

The artifact itself is a mass of what appears to be living metal, similar in composition to steel and iron-nickle composites, approximately 4ft (1.2 m) high, and 6ft (1.8 m) wide. It is vaguely disc-shaped most often, though it's exact shape is different at any given time due to the artifact's tendency to change shape. One of the strangest properties of the artifact is that it can assimilate other matter into itself, and, as a result, it's physical and chemical properties are in a constant state of flux. Using this ability, it can reform parts of itself that have been damaged or removed

The artifact was recovered by the Federal Beureu of Investigation in July of 1947, and was quickly handed over to the Departmen of Paranormal Affairs, a recently founded subset of DARPA (The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency). It wasn't until the Cold War began in 1947 that the DPA began actively researching the artifact. With the aid of private contractors, experiments were conducted to determine what exactly the artifact was and, more importantly, and what it could be used for. 

It was then that the aformentioned properties of the artifact were discovered, as well as what was "contained" (so to speak) within it. On an undisclosed date, the researchers of the DPA noticed unusual and uncontrolled misbehavior in their machinery used on its containment. What exactly was happening is unknown, but it was later revealed that the artifact was interfacing with the facility and its intranet. Based on the behavior of its growth into the system of the facility, the DPA researchers concluded that the device is sentient and contains some kind of Artificial Intelligence and is constantly learning and evolving. They have surmised that it is far more advanced than a human mind, but in it's current state, it has the same mental capacity as that of an infant. This is where the project's name stems from.

Shortly after this was discovered, there was a falling out between the DPA, the private contractors, and DARPA, and the artifact "officially" vanished, although its actual whereabouts are currently unknown. Almost all documentation was purged during this dispute.