The Sculptors are the servants of The Pristine, the Fear of monotony, boredom, and stagnation. Originally victims brought to the feet of the monolithic horror, they were affected in a singularly different way to the rotting statues that surround it -elevated rather than condemned, blessed rather than doomed, turned into something entirely new and not entirely human.

The first Sculptors were granted the power of incredible hardiness, even invulnerability, along with a gaze so powerfully riveting anyone who met their eyes was paralyzed for hours on end.

Their lack of distinctive traits meant that they could operate seamlessly in human society, even in broad daylight -it was simply a matter of catching the victim's eye and carrying them to the feet of the Pristine, there to join the garden of statues. This quiet hecatomb lasted for only months before the death toll grew so large that, unusually, another Fear had to intervene against the Pristine in an effort to cull its uncontrollable expansion.

The Mother of Snakes, in an effort to reduce the ease with which the Sculptors could carry out their sadistic collection, cursed them with traits so invasively vile they were incredibly difficult to hide. She coated their scalps with writhing serpents and turned their eyes into seething pits of reptilian horror, making them distinctive enough to lose all possibility of seamlessly operating in broad daylight. Though the Sculptors kept their paralyzing gaze, many of their numbers were lost during the transition, and the speed with which their garden of victims grows has been drastically reduced.