"Welcome to SeaKing Truth, a wonderful forum for people looking for information on the past, knowledge of the present, and insight into the future. Please be nice to people and try to answer as many questions as you can." Is the first thing you will see when you enter the SeaKingTruth message board, appearing in a small text box sitting just bellow the logo for the site, depicting the title of the site overlaid on top of a GIF of an expansive body of water. acts as a rather innocuous site appealing to collectors and people researching various topics as a hobby, with sections for real life meet ups, questions for various subjects from science to folk lore to conspiracy theories, with two sub forums for those interested in divination and for those wishing to trade various items of interest for items they are currently collecting.

This rather innocuous site is the current manifestation of the Fear of Obsession, an entity who throughout history has gone by many names and appeared in many forms, praying upon those who easily give into obsession and amplifying their obsessions by giving them ways to submerge themselves deeper.

The true form of this entity is unknown, and is often worshipped in some way or another by it's victims. In the case of, the fear seems to communicate through the admin account by the name of "agryoNETa" who appears often in the various topics and sub forums, with their appearances on the various topics often being heralded by a stream of responses like "Net's Back" or "Hi Net". The account is extremely active in the FAQ topic, frequently answering questions seconds after they're posed, and is also seen frequently in the divination sub forum, suggesting various methods, and once per year hosting a "year walk" in which they ask various members of the message board to go out and attempt the year walk ritual, then posting their results on the board. The accounts user image depicts a similar GIF to the one behind the site's title, the water seeming to ebb and flow, though the GIF is, for some reason, undownloadable.

The servants of this fear vary wildly, but usually manifest as people with particularly bad obsessions with a frequent compulsion to check the site whenever possible, usually wearing memorabilia depicting the sites name and logo, and often aggressively advertise the site both online and offline, never ceasing until the person agrees to make an account. They often seem to have near encyclopedic knowledge bases on very specific topics, usually collecting one kind of object to a ritualistic point, and usually practicing some form of divination to great success, particularly those adept with scrying and TEA reading. Online, they are often referred to as the Sea Patrol, many of which also seem to act as members of staff for the site.