"Come on, you can trust me! I'm named Blue, and you? Oh, nice name! Where are your parents? It's been hours since they were supposed to pick you up. I can take you home, I know the way. Follow me, through the forest!"


The Cold Boy

Within every single human being, there lies the innate Fear of rejection, isolation, of being thrown out. Everywhere from the high school cliques to professional work life, in everyone from a child to a man in their final days, there's the constant strive for acceptance. When this desire is not fulfilled, when a person feels alone, segregated, cut off from everyone else, that's when the Cold Boy gets interested. Beyond the most literal meaning of His name, the Cold Boy represents the metaphorical cold of loneliness.

The Cold Boy does, of course, have power of ice and snow, and within his presence, or the presence of any of his servants, there is always a sharp drop in temprature. Within ten meters, the hairs stand up on the back of the neck as a sudden coolness grips those around Him. Within five, they shiver and their breath freezes like a mid-winter night. Within three, the cold is a painful, paradoxial heat that burns the skin and freezes it solid. One must act quickly when the Cold Boy is around, otherwise, they may find themselves in his Court, forced into servitude as a Child of the Cold.

But beyond this obvious power, He can instill people with paranoia, loneliness, the ever-gnawing fear that everyone around them despises them, hates them, wants them gone. He can make the most social and out-going person into a mental wreck who loathes themselves with a mere whisper. The effect is often temporary, leaving after the Cold Boy loses interest in the person. However, it's not often he loses interest. 

He is ever-waiting, always on the prowl. Though it may seem like He targets exclusively children, that is only because they feel loneliness more deeply than others, and are easily lead astray. However, the fates of his targets differ. Most over the age of 18 are found dead, frozen solid. Those under 18 often find themselves as Children of the Cold. But some adults who fall to him are simply never seen again, their fate unknown.