A Murder of Crows at Disneyland
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The Convocation is the Fear of heights and kidnapping.

The convocation takes the form of hundreds of crows sharing a hive mind and behaviour closer to wasps than anything in the avian family. The intelligence of the individual birds is not known, though then together they've displayed hunting tactics that require phenomenal calculation.

The Convocation kills by lifting the victim into the air to a great height and then dropping them.

The birds themselves seem to reproduce by a form of parasitism, infecting their Fear Servants and turning them into "Nests" -hollowed out servants that the birds then nest and multiply in. Once the Nest has been used up, the birds burst free, usually killing a small number of victims if the situation allows it before returning to join the rest of the Convocation.

The Convocation's domain is The Bleak Shore, an endless beach with black sand.