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The Eye is the Fear of Guilt and Judgement. It appears to those who feel guilty over an act they have comitted, ranging from something simple as not texting someone back all the way up to crimes like murder. It doesn't seem to matter what the act is, as it seems all the Eye cares about is that the individual feels guilty. Once the Eye has selected a victim, they will begin to feel it's influence. The victim will begin to see eyes watching them wherever they go, silently judging their every action. After a while, they will begin to hear the eyes whispering "guilty" ad nauseum. This will last until the victim is at their limit, on the verge of madness. At this point, the word "GUILTY" will appear on the victim's forhead, and the Eye will send Judgement to punnish them. At this point, it's only a matter of time before they are found and killed.

On occasion, The Eye will come across individuals with a strong sense of justice, steadfast and unflinching in their beliefs. In these instances, the Eye will grant the individuals the ability to, upon coming into contact with another person, see any acts comitted by said person that the afflicted individual believes to be morally wrong. Known as Judges, these cursed individuals tend to go insane from seeing the "sins" of everyone they meet. Others turn violent, seeking to punnish the "sinners" around them.