"Ash skin slaked with spilled blood"

-An often repeated phrase of the Fireveined

The Fireveined are the servants of The Burning Bride, the Fear of Fire and of Anger. They are known for being some of the most aggressive servants that have walked upon the earth, and often times are mockingly described as "fiery." However, the joking quickly stops when a Fireveined comes nearby. 

Fireveined are created when a man or woman, dying of wounds that must be inflicted by flames, is contacted by the Burning Bride, who offers them, among other things, another chance to live. The Fireveined, if they accept, lives a normal life for 6-8 months, until the pain of their wounds returns with a vengence. The Fireveined, no matter what medication they take, no matter what treatment they undergo, cannot escape the perpetual pain of the wounds that have healed over. The ugly scars remain forever, even skin that is grafted on to the Fireveined will scar over in mere hours. 

Eventually, perhaps have a year or two, the Fireveined is contacted by the Burning Bride again, who offers to make the pain stop. Fireveined almost always accept, and the few that don't quickly go mad afterwards. The pain never truly stops, only decreases, or vanishes for a day or so at a time, but the constant pain drives the Fireveined mad, and with the reward of doing tasks being making the pain "vanish" for a short time, all Fireveined become fiercely loyal to their only source of solace, the Burning Bride. 

Fireveined have an internal body temperature of over 150 degrees Fahrenheit, giving the impression that their veins are literally on fire. Curiously, they do not suffer from fever due to this quirk, though they are in constant pain. Fireveined have few abilities, the strongest among them is their ability to withstand heat to the point where many can live comfortably within steel foundries without any form of protection. They are also wearing a sort of "shell" of scar tissue, which protects them not unlike a leather trench coat.