In any city, in any country, there is a store, tucked away on a side street or neglected alleyway there is a store run by a single man with long red hair and entrancing golden eyes. This man is the fear of being used and objectification, a being of cruelty who feels nothing for his subjects as he sculpts their form to his idea of perfection, caring only that they belong to him. His wares consist of musical instruments of various kinds, often incorperating the forms of naked human beings into their design, either as aesthetic aditions or as the bodies of instruments, or portions of a human body used to create an instrument, often showing their faces either expressing fear or pleasure. The sound of these instruments often sounds haunting, and yet abnormally entrancing, quite often filling listeners with a feeling of fear and excitement.

The Man's abilities are two fold. First is his ability to sway the hearts of those who listen to his music, bending their very essence to his will. His other, however, is perhaps more insidious, as, while under his spell, the man can slowly transform your body into an instrument, flesh turning to wood, mind lost to the void of his enchantment, their bodies being reconstituted as part of a musical instrument, hollowing out if needed, or falling to pieces should they be weak enough. They will remain sentient, but to this day, there is no known way to undo this curse.