"This is the best of all possible worlds"

The Panopticon is a mysterious and shadowy organization, dedicated to researching and hiding the paranormal.


The organization was originally founded shortly after WW2 by the US Government, in response to the Roswell Incident, as well as several reports by soldiers in the European theater about strange happenings. As a sub-division of the newly formed National Security Agency (NSA), the "Department of Paranormal Affairs" as it was called, was tasked with the study of the paranormal, in order to better understand and possibly use any and all supernatural phenomina. During the cold war, this later part of their goal became more prominent, as fears of Russian Psychic Weaponry lead the United States to try and develop counter-measures. One such measure was a joint-opperation between DAARPA,the DPA, and an unidentifyed Government Contractor, working to create Supersoldiers out of the recovered artifact from the Roswell incident . However, there was a falling out, and the opperation was scrapped.

After the Cold War ended, the US Government officially disbanded the DPA, having decided that they did not produce enough results for the funding that they were given. However, there had been a growing number of agents within the department who had begun to believe that they were the only hope for protecting mankind of the horrors of what they cannot understand. So from the ashes of the DPA, The Panopticon was born. This new group opperated from the shadows, building upon their former research to better classify the paranormal. They also furthered their advances in covering up Paranormal activity, and began kidnapping and brainwashing witnesses into forgetting what they saw.

Public Knowlege

The existance of the DPA was never made public, as all documentation was purged along with most of MKUltra and simmilar projects. The Panopticon's existance is also not known about amongst all of the general public, as well as a vast majority of runners and such. Those who have heard of them only know about them via rumors, their existance treated as an urban legend among such individuals. The only groups that seems to know of the existance of The Panopticon seem to be the NSA, who simply are not sure what to do about the issue, and some members of Black Eden who have had particular run-in's with The Panopticon.

Despite not being known about, their work is. They are responsible for creating the classifications of PREs and UXPs.