A Timberwolve


The Twin Triangles.


The Timberwolves are an international criminal organization and religious cult, with sects all across North America as well as parts of Europe. They are easilly recognisable by their gang colours of green and yellow, as well as the bearing of The Twin Triangles, the symbol of their "patron". See, The Timberwolves are in fact a cult revolvng around an entity known as "Azazel", who is depicted as an angel wearing a gas mask. To the Timberwolves, Azazel representing  the dispair and hopelessness brought about by the current state of the world. They use Azazel as a way to convince people to come to salvation through "Bliss", a mysterious psychadelic drug that the Timberwolves claim will "take away all of life's suffering". How it does this and what it's made of are both unknown, and The Timberwolves are the only dealers of this alleged "wonder-drug" in the world, which is mainly what keeps them in business.

Heigharchy (In Accending Order)


Acolates are the most common and most basic meber of the Timberwolves' organization. They are those who join local sects (known as "packs") and act like standard gangsters and drug pushers.


Pastors are the individuals in charge of local packs, and are appointed by Priests.


Priests are essentially Pastors with jurrisdiction over larger areas. They control their own pack, are in charge of all the Pastors within their territory (all of which were appointed by said priest), and are in charge of recieving and distributing shipments of Bliss.


Saints are in charge of distributing Bliss to all the Priests within the organization. They are constantly on the move, picking up shipments of Bliss from Appostles and their Choirs, and then proceed to distribute te shipment to all the Priests within their jurrisdiction.


Choirs are groups that serve under an Appostle, and are the people who make Bliss. They are one of the few individuals who know how to make Bliss. They have had their vocal cords remved to prevent them from spillng the secret.


The Apostles, of which there are 13, are the second highest ranked members of the Timberwolve Organization. They report only to The Prophet themself, an are the only people who know The Prophet's identity. [tbc]

The Prophet

The Prophet is the founder and leader of The Timberwolves. Nothing else is known.

Other Facts:

  • Many Timberwolves wear gasmasks to invoke the image of Azazel.
  • The singular form of "Timberwolves" is "Timberwolve", not "Timberwolf".