"Project TOWERBORN" is the name given to the attempts to merge The Newborn's biometal with other living organisms. 

Initial tests were run with small animals, such as squirrels or rabbits. Then tests were preformed on subjects such as cats, dogs, and cattle. Eventually tests were run on human subjects.

The process by which these tests were conducted is unknown, however, the results are. When an organic life-form's system is introduced to The Newborn's metal, the organism is slowly taken over from the inside. It distorts and modifys the organisms entire genetic makeup to become an entity of living metal themself, removing the need for sustinance as well as sleep. Hair becomes scarce to non-existant, and the flesh is replaced with organic metal simmilar to that of The Newborn.

At this point in time, there has only been one recorded sucessful human trial. Code named "The Iron Man", he was the only survivor of a joint project between the Department of Paranormal Affairs and the US Military to create metal super soldiers. His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed that he is being held in a government facility somewhere.

Another thing of note, is that despite the initial concept, "Towerborn" entities are as far from robots as pluto is from the sun. Towerborn are in fact living biological entities, who simply have metal "skin" and lack some of the downsides of most biological organisms.