"Unexplained Phenomina" is a term used by The Panopticon to reffer to any sort of supernatural or paranormal activity, that cannot be explained by currently known means. It is a broad category, with several sub-classifications such as the PRE system

While it is mainly used as an umbrella term, it is occationally used to reffer to any beings that seem to be one of a kind.

Notable UXPs

UXP110 "Jack of all"

UXP626 "Cheshire Shards"

UXP734 "Bliss"

UXP192 "Strigoi"

UXP193 "Werewolves"

UXP123 "Angels"

UXP124 "Demons"

UXP125 "Nephilim"

UXP567 "Manifestations"

UXP105 "Witches"

UXP104 "Magic"

UXP136 "Ghosts"

UXP694 "Involuti"